Dedicated to Teaching and Certifying Families in our Community to Swim and Scuba Dive Confidently while having loads of FUN!

About us


Husband and Wife team, Jessica and Rhett Garrard have finally taken the plunge and followed their dreams with opening Sharkies Swim and Scuba Academy! Rhett is the son of Lloyd Garrard (LG) who owned Garrard Dive Educators locally in Smyrna for almost 40 years! Mr. Garrard is still the PADI Regional Training Coordinator in Georgia! 
Rhett has taken his life long passion and Jessica took her savvy business skills and together they molded their dreams into one. 
Rhett and Jessica have two girls (Poor Rhett!), ages 4 and 11! Yes, they are on this website...somewhere. ;)
Fun Fact: Rhett was the youngest Certified Scuba Diver in PADI history. Neat-O!