At Sharkies, SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. We specialize in 1 on 1 attention with our students. We feel that having private attention and focus will help our students learn the fundamentals and master the skills of water survival in the most efficient manner, opposed to sharing time with another student. Once our students reach a personal level of confidence and comfort, we then transition and expand their skill set to master all swim strokes. 


Don't be surprised if we ask for the student to come to their lesson completely dressed with tennis shoes, jeans and a coat for our infamous "safety lesson"!

This is one of the many aspects that set us apart and make us truly unique! 

Meet Our Coaches!



Owner/"Shark Boss" Coach Rhett: 

AKA "The Baby Whisperer"

Fun Facts: Army Ranger,

Youngest Certified diver in history,

Almost competed in the Junior 

Olympics for the High Jump, his 

foot is made of metal, he is covered in 

tattoo's from neck to toe. Married to

the most awesome woman 

ever. Has 3 daughters

and 1 girl dog named Sookie




Master Coach Hannah/Asst Operations Manager:

AKA: "Coach Banana"

Fun Facts: Holds longest employment

at Sharkie's. Did not know who Outkast

was until 2018. (The owners introduced 

them to her.) Taylor Swifts number 1 fan.

Has a cat named Tokyo.


Master Coach Maquel:

AKA: Mah-Quel-in, "iTsquel"

Fun Facts: Marine Scientist,

Published recording artist. Has 

broken his toe attempting a trick 

on a trampoline and fractured

his pinky while boxing

with latex balloons...



Master Coach Brennan and Operations Manager:

AKA: "Fish" "Brenda"

Fun Fact: Coach Bren has qualified

for the Olympic Games in swimming

and helped coach and train members

of the Olympic Tae Kwon Do Team!

Upon completing College in Florida,

Brennan Joined the elite US Army

Rangers and served as a Team member

for 3rd Ranger Battalion out of

Ft. Benning, GA. He was born and raised 

in Australia! Currently serving as

Sharkie's Operations Manager!



Master Coach Yvette:

AKA: "Mama Bear"

Fun Facts: Two Teenagers! Past life

as an Ultrasound Sonographer. Applied 

for a Swim Coach position on a whim,

was one of the best things to walk in our 


Senior Coach Honesty:

AKA: Our Rising Star! "Ernesty",


Fun Facts: Officially our youngest

Coach at Sharkie's but has impressed

us so much, that one day she might

be running the show! Has a passion

for marine life and wants to immerse

herself into the wonderful world

of scuba diving!









Coach Hannah (H2O)

Juniors Division Hula Hoop 

Champion! Majored in International Studies in Arabic. Once played bass with the Zach Brown Band, knows Sign Language.

$175 per month*

$185 per month*

$195 per month*

*Tuition will be adjusted for 5 lesson months

*Billing is automatic on the 1st of every month